Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ownership of your own time

I have been on leave for past 2 1days. It was my annual year end leave. Most years, it had always been spent on travel or having some relatives over. This time we had nothing of that planned. However before I took leave from work, I had my plans full. -The corporate cliches - "I am going to spend time on myself", " Will use this break to rejuvenate". But life has its own way of teaching. The sudden cold spell in North India led to all plans go awry and I have spent last twenty days at home 24*7 and let me tell you , I have loved every bit of it.
Even though I have been a full time working professional for last 10 years and came across many women who mentioned they cannot stay at home for more than 2-3 days, I always used to be uncomfortable with this opinion.
The sense and feeling of command over my time I have got in last 20 days- I haven't for many many years. I was able to take charge of the house, set it up the way I wanted to. Do the cliched mommy things of taking care of kids, ensuring their favorite dishes are churned out ( by the maid..I still cant cook to save my life), cleaned up the toy room, sent away lot of unwanted stuff in the house, picked up some books for reading but more than that, the biggest thing i got out of staying back at home is to be the owner of my time. No more running a 9 to 5 life monday to friday, no more of having a planned weekend of hosuehold chores. Imagine the thrill of just getting up anytime to go for a walk or take a nap, take the kids out for an impromptu picnic when the sun is out or for that matter catch up on some neighbourhood happennings. Believe me as silly as it sounds but the joy of taking a long shower at 12 in the afternoon was a delight. And I know , If i have to live like this, I will surely enjoy it as well. After all, 21 days is what it takes to make a habit.
I think if we are able to channelise our mind, body and soul in one direction, we tend to enjoy the same. I have always switched off from work whenever on leave and may be that's the reason i enjoyed this break as well. Most of us either are not able to do the same or have a archaic perception that staying at home equals household chores or just taking care of the kids. Its not that. Being at home full time actually makes you a multitasking expert something which might be on some of our annual development plans and helps in developing a well rounded personality. I am more patient, more appreciative and more at peace by being at home for last 21 days and wish one day when i can follow my heart than my mind and can actually take the plunge to be at home full time. It needs lot of courage and I really look up to women who have been able to do that. It also does not mean that i am eulogising their decision and what a big sacrifice they have made. Its a choice they have made and hopefully for themselves like many of us have made to work full time as well. Both have their pros and cons and many debates have happened and will happen on the same. I still choose to work as this suits my sensibilities but it makes me more content that the alternative option is also equally good- not for family or kids but actually for myself. Its been a great feeling to begin the new year with.


Amrita said...

Really sensible way of putting it up. I admire your prioritisation. Good luck!

Destination Infinity said...

I have always thought that at least one parent should have a flexible career, where taking a break for 6 months or a couple of years should be possible. If my wife cannot, then I will.

Destination Infinity